Northern Kentucky Reds Camp Visits Great American Ball Park

As you may or may not know, for one day out of the week long Reds baseball and softball camp, the participants get to take a much coveted trip to Great American Ball Park. Clearly a highlight of the week for most campers. On this trip they get to meet former and current Reds players, coaches, and staff as part of a truly one of a kind experience. Just recently it was the Northern Kentucky Camps turn to visit the big league stadium and needless to say, it looks like they enjoyed it. They were greeted by Zack Cozart, Billy Hatcher and others. Here are some photos from their visit to the ballpark. Also, if you would like to signup for any of the remaining camps in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and Louisville, or would just like some information on this one of a kind experience, make sure and check out the Reds Baseball and Softball Camps website here:

And as always, remember “If your gonna swing, might as well swing hard.”

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My 10 year old grandson was one of the boys that got to attend the camp this week at Beechwood Highschool. He has had an absolute ball. He has already said that he wants to go again next year. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity for him.

We had 6 kids from age 6 to 13 at the Beechwood camp. They loved the camp!!!
They are wanting to come next year. Thank you to Tim and all the coaches. Also thrilled to win the personalized jersey. GO REDS

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